Date of Birth: September 1998

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Austin is an active yet sensitive boy who loves to ride his bike, do art projects and sing music at church. He has been able to take care of animals at his current placement, helping with their food and care. Austin can be creative and imaginative in his storytelling and ability to make scenes out of Legos. He enjoys one-on-one attention with his caregiver whether cleaning, yard work or playing a game.

Austin has made a lot of progress during his time in foster care, but needs a family who can continue to provide him with much needed support and structure. Austin is able to show respect to his team members and reports that his proudest moments are when he “earns trust” or “is getting more mature”. Austin would benefit from a two-parent family that has ready access to a wide variety of services and resources as he works through issues related to his past. He will also need an experienced family that is willing to learn new and creative parenting techniques, to ensure Austin continues to make progress. Austin’s forever family would also need a strong support system (including respite) to assist them as they support Austin.

Austin needs parents who can advocate for his educational needs through a specialized school setting. Austin would need to continue with occupational therapy services, counseling and medication. He would also like to maintain contact with his brother and grandparents.

Austin is in the permanent custody of Athens County Children Services. At this time, Austin is stating he does not want to be adopted and would like to remain with his current foster placement.

Agency: Athens County Children Services
Contact: Tanja Kuhre
Phone: 740-592-3061

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