Our Mission

Protecting Children, Strengthening Families, Securing Futures.

We are invested in a community effort of child abuse prevention, education, public awareness and are dedicated to the challenge of providing children the opportunity to grow in a safe, nurturing, and permanent family.


Athens County Children Services
Request for Qualification and Proposal (hereinafter “RFP”)

RFP due Friday, August 18, 2017 by 4:30 pm. 

Athens County Children Services (hereinafter referred to as “ACCS”) serves abused, neglected,
and dependent children and provides services to promote child safety, permanency, and overall
well-being for all children served. To accomplish its mission, the agency provides a variety of
services predicated on the belief that, whenever possible, the best place for children is in their
own home. ACCS makes efforts to support parents while ensuring the safety of their children by
providing and/or securing services that address parental issues that contribute to child

To best meet the needs of the children and families it serves, ACCS is seeking to collaborate
with existing AOD/MH providers for developing a START program with peer mentors/recovery
coaches. Ohio START will focus on keeping children safely with their parent(s) whenever
possible and avoiding child removal by front-loading services to the entire family, with special
emphasis placed on connecting the child to trauma-informed services and supports.